May 20th


Temporary Clerk: Jeff Downham,



Minutes of Thursby Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 20th May 2014


Present: – Wendy Bowe (Chair) Peter Hunter (Vice Chair) Margaret Howard, David Pattinson, Ken Peerless County Councilor D Fairbairn Allerdale Councilor P Macdonald and 5 members of the public. 

Procedural items 

2014.5.1 Apologies

No apologies received

2014.5.2 Appointment of Chairman

Current Chair Wendy Bowe was nominated and seconded and therefore appointed as continuing Parish Council chairman

The chairman signed the declaration of office.

2014.5.3 Appointment of Vice Chair

Peter Hunter nominated and seconded and therefore appointed as continuing Vice Chair. Vice chair signed the declaration of office.

Appointment of clerk: – Jeff Downham was appointed temporary clerk

2014.5.4 Minutes of AGM 2013

No issues raised

Minutes of meeting of Tuesday 15th April 2014: – No issues raised and minutes signed by chair as a true record.

2014.5.5 Dispensations

No dispensations

2014.5.6 Declarations of interest

The chair declared an interest in the Sports and Recreation Committee. No other declarations.

2014.5.7 Public Participation

The issue of no cutting of the grassed areas of the housing estates owned by Home Housing was raised. Up until this current year the grass had been cut by Home housing but enquires with the housing provider had revealed that they were no longer cutting the grass as the land did not belong to them and that it was the responsibility of Allerdale BC. It was reported that a parishioner believed that some tenants are paying 55 pence per week for this service. This is a longer standing issue with Home around grass and hedge cutting around the parish. Allerdale Councilor Macdonald spoke about having contacted Home Housing recently raising this issue and they had confirmed to her that they had stopped due to the land not belonging to them but had agreed to look further into the matter particularly with regard to the 55 pence residents were paying for grass cutting and get back to her. Further comments were made about other grassed areas of the village that were in need of cutting and was that the responsibility of the parish council, it was pointed out that where those areas were not owned by the parish council the council had no responsibility to maintain them, it was suggested that a map be produced showing what land the council was responsible for. Councilor Fairbairn pointed out that some years ago there was a discussion had around turning some of the grassed areas now under dispute about ownership into off street parking, correspondence was exchanged between Home Housing and the County Council in which it was plain that ownership of the land was Home Housings, enquiries to be made to see if that correspondence is retrievable. The Parish Council to write to Home Housing once Councilor Macdonald has reported back re her ongoing enquiry with Home and should any evidence be forth coming re Councilor Fairbairn’s recollection of the correspondence with the county councilor re ownership of the land.

News from Cumbria County Councilor Fairburn

Councilor Fairbairn reported that the proposal for on street parking charges was proceeding with the areas in Allerdale of Workington, Maryport and Cockermouth being the first areas where parking charges would be introduced together with a raft of streets in Carlisle. The Council cabinet meets in the next 14 days. He reported that there had been no further movement on the issue of the timber lorries on the A596 (5) but a suggestion had been made to put a railway connection into Iggesunds, which may reduce the numbers of lorry movements.

The issues of the increase in numbers of accidents at Micklethwaite was discussed with an agreement that this was very much about speed with enforcement seen as the way to reduce this.

News from Allerdale Councilor Macdonald

Councilor Macdonald reported that at the footway lighting sub committee the police and the County Council raised issues regarding safety. She also made mention of the planning application for the erection of a turbine at Water Flosh near Aikton stating that Aikton Parish Council were objecting to the application.

Reports from Parish Organisations

Reports were received from: –

The chairman of the Parish Council

Parish Hall Committee

Thursby Throstle

Sports and Recreation Committee

Thursby Gardening Club



There were a number of policy documents to review but due to the late notification of these to councilors it was agreed to discuss those at the June meeting.

2014.5.9 Parish Council sub groups and appointed representatives to outside bodies

The following councilors agreed to be Council representatives on the following outside bodies: –

Planning – as most planning applications require a 15-day turnaround all councilors to have responsibility

Sports and Recreation – Wendy Bowe

School – David Pattinson

Parish Hall – Ken Peerless

Communications – Wendy Bowe/David Pattinson

Neighborhood Forums – Peter Hunter


2014.5.10 Annual subscriptions

The annual subscriptions to CALC and the Information Commissioners were agreed

2014.5.11 Annual Payments

The following organisations requiring annual payments were agreed as follows: –

External auditors BDO

Zurich Insurance

2014.5.12 Meeting dates

It was agreed that the Parish Council would continue to meet on the third Tuesday of each month with the following meeting dates agreed: –

2014 – 17th June, 15th July, 16th September, 21st October, 18th November, 16th December.

2015 – 20th January, 17th February, 21st April 19th May


 2014.5.13 Planning Applications Received

 2.2014.0260 Mr. Ed Studholme, erection of general-purpose agricultural shed, Nealhouse Farm. No objections

2.2014.0270 Mr. James Wilson, Evening Hill Farm Ltd, proposed silage building, Evening Hill Farm, Evening Hill, Thursby. A parishioner who is concerned about further development at this location has approached the Parish Council. The council discussed the matter and it was decided that an objection should be put in on the following grounds: –

The amount of traffic entering and exiting the site along what is a minor road; there should be another road in and out.

The likely increase in traffic passing a children’s walkway to Thursby School.


2.2014.0292 Hallmark Power, installation of 500kw wind turbine (maximum tip height 77m) and associated infrastructure, including access track, Water Flosh, Aikton.

It was agreed that a letter of objection be written on the following grounds: –

Visual amenity

De- rated turbine

Accumulative effect

Visible from a grade 1 listed building (Aikton Church)

2014.5.14 Planning Decision Notices

2.2014.0111 Mr. J Taylor, East Park Farm, Thursby. Erection of cubicle building (Retrospective)


2.2014.0110 Mr. J Taylor East Park Farm Thursby, erection of crop store.

Approved 2.4.14

2.2014.0110 Evening Hill House, demolish side garage and replace with two-story extension.

Full plans approved 29.4.14

2.2014.01777 Listed building consent re above.

Listed building consent approved 19.4.14


 A letter was received from the treasurer of the sports and recreation committee requesting funding support towards the Jubilee field and sports pavilion upgrading. The council agreed to release the £10.000.00, which it has been accruing over the past three years to fence the Jubilee field in line with ABCs dog control order. This amount must be ring fenced by The Sports And Recreation Committee for this purpose.


Councilors were asked to agree to allocate £10,000 to the Sports and Recreational Committee towards the Jubilee field and sports pavilion upgrading. This was agreed. Further funding is required to cover the previous clerks expenses and funding is required in reserve should the council have to take over some of the costs of replacing the street lights if removed by North West Electricity, the accounts to be signed off at the next meeting for external auditing.

2014.5.15 Authorisation required for the following payments

Clerk’s expenses

It was agreed by the council to contact the previous clerk to discuss the expenses claim prior to the next council meeting.

Insurance – £441.68

CALC – £207

Information Commissioners – £35

Envirocare, grass cutting – £528

PL Gauntlet, payroll services – £40

Outstanding invoices JRB Enterprises – cancelled


2014.5.16 Audit report

Postponed to the June meeting.

Date of next meeting – Tuesday 17th June 2014

Meeting closed at 2210 hours



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