Report from the Hon. Treasurer Thursby Sports and Recreation Committee for the Annual General Meeting on 17th August 2011


The Committee has met a few times over the year and although we have appointed a new Secretary (Lisa Bird) and have a number of dedicated Committee Members, the Committee has struggled over the last year. There is a desperate need for a Chairman to help with organising and motivating the Committee and attracting new members from the community. A publicity officer for the group would also be useful especially in informing the community that all the work in the group is voluntary. The role of Chairman and general organiser has been carried by the Treasurer (Stuart Eastwood) over the last three years and due to serious pressures of work he will no longer be in a position to act as Chairman and will cease to do so after this year’s AGM.


The Committee is grateful to the Parish Council for their annual grant, all of which goes towards our greatest expense, the cost of the annual insurance for the field (£860.89 in May 2010, £897.19 in 2011). However funds raised from Gala Day, a quiz by Darryl Francis, a race night in October, and a significant refund of nearly £400 from United Utilities have ensured a balance of around £1500. United Utilities had been charging for estimated water consumption at business rate on a meter reading. As far as everyone concerned with the Committee and the Jubilee Field is concerned no one knows of a meter ever being fitted, or if it ever was, where it is located. After numerous and protracted discussions, phone calls etc., between the Treasurer and United Utilities, they agreed to fit a meter in the pavilion and based on virtually no consumption agreed to a major refund. Repairs were carried out to the swings with new cradle and flat seat swings purchased and fitted. However, one cradle swing was removed due to damage and has still to be replaced.


The Committee is most grateful to the Garden Club and in particular to Anna and Robin Swindells for their care and maintenance of the raised bed. Thanks are also due to the contractor Nigel Park for providing quantities of chippings. Volunteers from the Committee and the Garden Club have done considerable work in the Wetlands Area with additional fencing etc., to address H&S issues. The work was completed in May and the area is permanently. The Garden Club have agreed to help with the maintenance of the area and provide advice, which is greatly appreciated.


Some maintenance has been done in the year and there are regular litter pick-ups, but the severe cold temperatures resulted in a number of burst pipes/joints in the pavilion and damage to the water meter, which was replaced by United Utilities in early June. Consideration is being given to replacing all the copper piping with plastic coated pipe and fitting a couple of frost-stat heaters, which Keith Mason has undertaken to price for the Committee. The Pavilion requires work to complete the water supplies to and waste from the showers and the hot-supplies to the sinks. There is a need to replace the tennis and football nets and for a new supply of fine chippings for the swings area.

The field has been used over the last football season by the new Ship Inn Football team, who will continue to use the pitch for the 2011-12 season. The severe cold weather and waterlogged areas of the pitch have interrupted the season.


There is an overall need to raise funds for the maintenance and upkeep of the field, especially with an insurance bill of nearly £900. This together with pitch marking and utility bills requires and annual income of at least £1500.

Stuart Eastwood, Hon. Treasurer