Superfast broadband (SFBB)

is now available in Thursby for most of the Parish.

You should be able to purchase SFBB if your phone is connected to a cabinet and you live within 1.4km of the BT cabinet.

You can check this using the BT broadband availability checker if you are currently with BT otherwise you will need to contact your service provider e.g. Sky

If SFBB is available for your phone number you can then check the cost of purchasing with the various providers in this area – see Connecting Cumbria Web site for further details. Please ensure you are not tied into an existing contract with your service provider as your service provider may not be willing to move the contract to the new service.

It was  reported at the hub coordinators meeting that some service providers may be  reluctant to transfer customers to SFBB as they make a larger profit on copper connections than fibre optic – so shop around if your service provider says they cannot provide it.

Openreach have enable a lot of slots on the Thursby cabinet and assure us that there are sufficient slots available in the cabinet to meet current demand in Thursby, so if your supplier tells you there is no availability, that is not the case.

It has been reported by a number of Parishioners who are connected via cab 1 that they have been told SFBB is not available to them. If this has happened to you please contact the parish council/Councillor Bowe with you phone number and postcode and the feedback you got when you inquired about broadband, as we have spoken to both Openreach and Connecting Cumbria and Connecting Cumbria have agreed to investigate further on our behalf.

The download speed seems to be up to 80 mbps and upload speed 20 mbps. This depends on which contract you purchase. One contract gives a download sped of 40 which most people find adequate for their needs. It may be that as a consequence of people moving to the new SFBB cabinet it makes a slight improvement to broadband speed for those who don’t move across as the load is reduced on the old cabling.

For those areas that do not yet have SFBB
Originally Open reach said they would be able to make SFBB available to 70% of the Parish. Open reach are still working on the Wigton exchange it will be enabled in 2015 and once that has been enabled we will have a better idea of what coverage is likely in Crofton and other areas on the Wigton exchange, Openreach are looking at new technologies to increase the coverage in Thursby Parish.

Fibre to remote node is now being deployed in some parts of Cumbria to connect hamlets where a full cabinet is not feasible.

Openreach reported that as the SFBB is funded partly by EU funding for small to medium enterprises they are  keen to ensure that installations are done first in areas where there are SME’s as this pulls down additional funding to be able to roll the programme out further across the county. If you have a SME in  Thursby Parish or know of someone who does please contact the parish clerk with name of business and type to enable us to support the extension of broadband in the Parish and to make the areas not currently enabled more attractive to develop.
Please see the sub page for a list of eligible/in eligible business types

The parish council has invited Cumbria County Council to attend a parish council meeting to explain how to get SFBB and the benefits of it for us.

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