St Andrew’s Church

July/August 2017


~  Confirmation Classes in September: Everyone in Year 6 or older is invited to begin the Confirmation course

starting at St Andrew’s on Sunday 10th September at 11 am. Please contact the vicar or John or Margaret Hine at

numbers below for further information. Younger brothers and sisters are more than welcome to come along at the same time and join our Sunday School.

~ The PCC is at 7 pm on Tuesday 4th July

~ The last Sunday School before the school summer holidays will be on 9 July.


Dear Friends,

The Austin Allegro must be one of the most derided and mocked cars of all time, now consigned to the dustbin of history. Years ago I used to drive a bright yellow Allegro, and as it was my first car I was very fond of it and I can remember its registration number (LLU 191V). It was so unfashionable that I could safely leave it on the streets of central London without anyone wanting to touch it, let alone steal it. I drove it for years and it was approaching its 100,000 mile mark in 1990 when it was driven into by a youthful parishioner on a wet Saturday evening as it was parked outside my house where I was a curate, and written off. My then vicar felt that the young man had done me an enormous favour by putting it out of its misery.

I remember it still, as one does, and so to me it is charming that there are people who volunteer to run organisations like “The Austin Allegro Preservation Society” and “The Allegro Club International” to keep its modest memory alive, against one might say insuperable odds. I confess I am not joining them.

Human voluntary endeavour reaches extraordinary places, and people form connections for all sorts of reasons and to do all sorts of good; which brings me to my theme – that without a great variety of voluntary action and effort we miss out

on many good thanks; and that the great range of communal and voluntary activity which is celebrated and recorded in the pages of the Thursby Throstle, to look no further, is something to treasure. Voluntary action and organisation is one

of the pillars upon which society rests. Indeed it may be worth just reading the Throstle, or local newspapers, for a while with an eye to seeing the scope and diversity of volunteering that there is in our community and county. It seems to me that these things are features of life for which we can all be thankful.

Sometimes volunteering in any sphere will feel a battle against insuperable odds, but the capacity of people to carry on carrying on (and keep calm while doing so) is very great. So don’t get downhearted whatever you do.

Dreadful and sombre events recently in London rightly call for our prayers and support. But they also remind us that communities great and small are able to help each other in adversity and trial, and that the spirit of voluntary effort is in many ways alive and well. May it ever be so.

With every good wish for God’s blessing

Canon Geoffrey Ravalde