Clerk: Veronica Stockdale, Holly House, Sebergham,Carlisle,CA5 7HS.


Minutes of  Thursby Parish Council Meeting held on

Tuesday 18 March 2014 in Thursby Village Hall



Chair                 Wendy Bowe

Vice Chair         Peter Hunter

Councillors        Margaret Howard, Ken Peerless.


Agenda items part one

Procedural Items

170/3/14 Apologies

Apologies received from councillor Pattinson


171/3/14 Minutes 18 Feb 2014

Signing of the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 18 February as a true record, will be on next agenda as there was not a majority able to vote.


172/3/14 Dispensations

No requests received since the previous meeting for dispensations to speak and\or vote on any matter where a member has a disclosable pecuniary interest.


173/3/14 Declarations of Interest

Chair Wendy Bowe declared an interest in item184/4/14, as one of the payments is to herself.


174/3/14 Public Participation

The chairman  adjourned the meeting to allow members of the public an opportunity to ask questions or raise matters of interest.


A number of parishioners attended the meeting to express their concerns on the damage to the village green. A number of solutions were discussed. It was felt that this should go on to the next agenda to propose that a working party be formed to consider any future actions, including negotiations with Stagecoach who it is believed have caused a significant amount of the damage.


A representative from the Gardening Club informed the meeting that a sum of money was left from the Jubilee Celebrations. It was suggested that the Gardening Club could work alongside the parish council on the issue of the damage and also to consider options for using the Jubilee money to provide some kind of monument. It was felt that this would be a good idea.


There was also a great deal of concern from parishioners on the possible removal of footway lighting. The chair reported that the parish council is in the process of liasing with Allerdale and Electricity Northwest on this issue. There is concern over the enforcement of a speed limit if the lights were removed. Comments can be made to or write to Highways Department, Allerdale Borough Council, Joseph Noble Road, Lilyhall Industrial Estate, Workington.


It was brought to the attention of the council that a Broadband box had been positioned outside a parishioners home without their knowledge.

The Chair had made enquiries about the situation. As it is a utility they don’t need planning permission but usually do apply however the parish council would not be a consultee.

Concerns can be taken to Openreach via BT.


The issue of grass cutting on verges was raised. In response, it was explained that the council was only responsible for the cutting of parish owned land.


Peter Hunter reported that the descendants of parishioner Bill Jackson would like to consider the erection of a plaque in his memory.

It was discussed that residents concerned about parking of large vehicles in Low Whinnow lay by can contact the police to enforce the 2hr parking limit.


News from County Councillor

Councillor Fairburn presented to the council information regarding high numbers of road traffic accidents on the Cockermouth road. There is also concern for safety at Cardewlees junction. A number of solutions have been looked into, there is currently a proposal to have a speed limit enforced. Lights or speed limit may also be considered for a section of A road atPeter Laneroundabout.


The problem of flooding in Wampole district continues to be a problem. Existing pumps are going to be switched off and it is proposed to position Internal Drainage Boards using the Meadway system to measure water levels. The council may consider putting a precept in place from landowners to fund this.


County Council continues to look for prospective Foster Parents.


A Trust has been set up to take on the management of Wigton swimming pool. County Council will continue with themanagement until the trust takes over.


Councillor Hunter enquired on any progress regarding the problems of parking outside the school. Councillor Fairburn is going to make enquiries to Highways as to possible solutions and costs.

The council will continue to communicate with Home Housing Group to seek a resolution to this issue.


News from Allerdale Borough Council

Councillor MacDonald informed the meeting that there was a proposed council tax rise of 1%.

A large sum of money has been allocated to Workington sports hall.

Regarding footway lighting, a sub committee met on the 1 May where a presentation was given by Electricity North West. 96 lights have already been removed in Allerdale. There will be a further meeting on 28th March.

The parish council will make some enquiries as to who owns and has removed the lights.


Reports from local Groups

a Cumbria Constabulary, PC kerry Harris gave her apologies. In her forwarded report, there have been no crimes reported in Thursby in the last 30 days.Cumbriapolice are urging householders to be vigilant following a few sneak-in burglaries in Allerdale.


b Thursby Parish Hall, No Report.


c Cumbria County Council, report above.


d Allerdale Borough Council, report above.


e Sports and Recreation, parishioners are encouraged to attend fundraising events to support grant funding. Plans are proceding to commission work on the pavilion electrics.


fThursbySchool, Claire Little has been appointed as the new head.


g Broadband, complaints have been made to Openreach regarding their website. Their conclusive map does not deliver on the claim to show broadband cover in specific areas.

Hub co-ordinators report that 1392 households have signed up for broadband and 157 cabinets are ready for distribution.

Parishioners can view updates on developments on ‘Connecting Cumbria’.


h Neighbourhood Forum, no report



The Chairman then reconvened the meeting.




175/3/14 New Clerk

A new clerk, Veronica Stockdale, was appointed on the 26 February 2014.

1.Resolved that the Chair sign a document to change contact details with Cumberland Building Society.

2.Resolved that from 1 April 2014, the Clerk will have the option to manage the employment process for Pay As You Earn (PAYE). This would save the council £40 annual payment for external management.

3.Resolved that clerks salary be paid monthly by standing order streamlining the process for payment each month.

4.The council currently owns a mobile phone with vodafone for use by the clerk. Unfortunately, there is no vodafone reception where the clerk lives and sporadic reception when based at the village hall. Resolved that the clerks home phone be used with a separate number and dial tone. This would be a saving to the council of between £10 and £20 each month.

The mobile number will be retained for a period of time to allow advertising of a new number.

5.At present the clerk has arranged to be based at Thursby Village Hall from 9am-11am on a Monday morning, to allow the opportunity for parishioners to consult on parish council matters.


176/3/14 Planning


1. 2/2013/0227 Carwath Farm wind Energy Ltd, Information/Amendments (pending)

2. 2/2013/0892 Demolition of outbuildings and erection of new office space and workshop (pending)

3. 2/2014/001   first floor extension above existing garage to create ensuite (pending)

4. 2/2014/0028 West Park Farm, a double garage.(approved)

5. 2/2014/0097 Evening hill Farm,Thursby, Installation of roof over maize pit.(approved)

6. 2/2014/0110EastParkFarm, Thursby. Erection of crop store. Councillors to consider.

7. 2/2014/0111 East Park Farm, Thursby.Erection of cubicle building (Retrospective)

Note, Parishioners have reported to Thursby parish council their  concern over the amount of buildings being erected at this farm and also their intended use.


177/3/14 Footway Lighting

A. The Chair summarised the points raised during public participation.


B. The Council’s Community Overview and Scrutiny Committee have recently established a sub-committee on Footway Lighting. This sub-committee has been set up to examine the issue of footway lighting and concerns being raised across the borough about the planned removal of some of footway lighting by Electricity North West (ENW). The sub-committee is keen to hear from all parishes on this issue as clearly the ENW programme of pole replacement and light removal will affect most of the borough.

A proforma will be completed by the parish council on lights situated in the parish.


178/3/14 Broadband

update covered in reports from local group.


179/3/14 Damage to Village Green

Although Borough council repairs are planned to repair the edges of the village green, there is no date set at present. As outlined in public participation, a number of options will be considered by a working party.


180/3/14 Donations


1. Allerdale Citizens Advice requested a donation from the parish council, resolved to give £50.

Payment will be on next agenda.


2.Gardening club

Proposed that a donation be made to the gardening club, resolved that £50 be given.
181/3/14Developments on parish issues

The Chair gave an update on developments with these parish issues

A. Parish Councillor Vacancy, ongoing

B. Dog Ban/dogs on leads, clerk will enquire on the progress.

C. Home housing,  hedge cutting, discussions ongoing with Home Housing over ownership.

D. Jubilee Field, nothing to report.


182/3/14 Allerdale Local Plan part 2

Amendments have been made to the above. No further responses by councillors.




183/3/14 Payments and receipts circulated with agenda for attention of Councillors.

Resolved that the Chair sign as a true record.


184/4/14 Resolved  that the following payments be made.


Wendy Bowe, website domain name.                  £6.98    NB revised to £8.38 inc vat)

Thursby, Gardening Club.                                   £50      (following a resolution item 180/3/14 2 )

Joanne Charlton, stamps/Hours                           £55.30

Vodafone                                                           £10.15



Agenda items part two

Items to be considered in the absence of press and public, when publicity would prejudice public interest by reason of the confidential nature of the business.


No agenda items part two


Date of next meeting Tuesday 15th April 2014 Thursby Parish Hall 7.30pm