Minutes of Thursby Parish Council Meeting

held in Thursby Parish Hall on Tuesday 18th February 2014 at 7.30pm.

Thurs min 110 Draft minutes to be ratified at March 2014 Parish Council Meeting

Members present: Chair Cllr W.Bowe, Cllr D Pattinson, Cllr P Hunter.

Allerdale Borough Council: Cllr MacDonald

Hall Committee – Peg Eastwood.

Parish Clerk: Miss Joanne Charlton.

PC 5326 Kerry Harris


151/2/14– Chairman Cllr W Bowe welcomed everyone to this evening’s meeting.


152/2/14- Apologies – Cllr D Fairbairn & Cllr Peerless.

153/2/14- Minutes Resolved: that the Chair sign as a correct record minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 21st January 2014.  


154/2/14- Chairman’s Announcements

Toma Fund are asking for a donation towards their ‘Some Time of your Own Appeal’, it supports families from the region who have been bereaved by childhood cancers, who are undergoing treatment by providing a short respite break in a caravan on the peaceful Northumberland coast. For more information or Telephone 0191 495 6186.


Allerdale Borough Council draft budget proposals 2014/15, the Budget papers which were put forward to the Executive on the 8th January 2014.

Reduction in concurrent grant- £67,700

Reduction in grant re Council Tax Reduction Scheme- £59,520       

The first proposal was the subject of consultation last year while parishes generally have not welcomed the removal of the concurrent grant  they have at least been able to plan for it in the budget for 2014/15.More concern is raised with the proposal to cut by 31% the amount of council tax support grant. CALC are concerned with the cut in the grant of 31% and the removal of the concurrent grant with no formal consultation process with Parishes.


Neighbourhood forum to be held at Thursby Parish Hall Wednesday 26th February 2014 7pm-9pm, Every one Welcome for more information Tel 01900 706010.


NADT, The Market Hall, Church Street, Wigton are calling for all budding young film makers to join them on a taster day on the 18th March 2014 at Wigton Market Hall for more information or


Inspired by the recent success of our Curling team at the Winter Olympics Lockerbie Ice Rink are running Curling Taster sessions. More information at or Tel 01576 202197.


Allerdale World War 1 Commemorative Event- Saturday 10th May 2014 the event will take place in Workington were a procession will commence at 10.30-11am at the Central station car park to then proceed to the Cenotaph for a short ceremony and then to St Michael’s Church for a service. ABC would like armed forces veterans, Councils, school’s, local groups and organisations to take part. More information is available from Ian Hinde at or Tel 01900 702702


Cumbria County Council are holding a ‘Celebrating Youth in Allerdale’ on Thursday 27th March 2014, they would like nominations for young people that contribute an enormous amount to their communities, The event is an opportunity to showcase and celebrate their achievements. For more information email or Tel 01900 706375

Citizens Advice Allerdale are requesting a donation from the Parish Council- CAA is a registered charity offering help on a range of issues including money advice, welfare benefits, housing, employment, consumer and relationships. CAA operate from Workington and Keswick with outreaches in Cockermouth, Maryport and Wigton. Item to be placed on March agenda for decision on the donation.


Thursby Gardening club has requested a donation of £50 to purchase plants to fill the village planters located around the village. Resolved- placed on March Payments.


Allerdale Local Plan(Part 1)- Main modifications.

The council is now seeking representations on the Main modifications only, the schedule can be viewed with the Sustainability Appraisal and Habitat Regulation Assessment at all the local libraries and at Allerdale House, Workington. The six week consultation commences on 14th February 2014- Friday 28th March 2014 any comments must relate to the main modifications only. All documents and comment forms are available on the councils website


155/2/14 Public Participation– none.


156/2/13 Requests for Dispensationsno requests.


157/2/13 Declaration of Interests

Cllr Bowe-item 7e as a Committee member of the Sport & Rec Committee, also a request for next meeting to place on the agenda reimbursement for 123 Website name fee of £6.98.


Item 8f- Cllr P Hunter: Payment made to The Cumberland News not as stated to Cllr Hunter.


158/2/14 Reports

a) Cumbria Constabulary

5326 PC Kerry Harris reported –

14th January 2014 a car was damaged and moved to gain entry to a shed at Greenrigg Farm, items were then stolen from the shed.

29th January 2014 a male was arrested for assault.

30th January 2014 a report of anti social behaviour at the road works at Shaw Wood road.

Concern over the number of quad bike thefts from rural areas Police are asking people to be more vigilant and store in a secure place.


For more information you can log on to or


b) Thursby Parish Hall– nothing to report

c) Cumbria County Council– nothing to report.

d) Allerdale Borough Council-

Cllr MacDonald is a member of The Community Scrutiny  Committee this is a group set up to monitor and review policies, review Council Services in order to obtain better outcomes for the Community and for Councillors to work with the Local Community to find ways of improving services that are available.


Concern is still raised over the removal of street lights, maintaining the lights so that we are able to enforce 30 mile per hour speed limits in the built up areas.


Cllr MacDonald will report back from a meeting next Friday about the “Spending Plan” at the next Parish meeting.


e) Sports and Recreation – Successful fund raising with the Coffee morning and the Race Night, thank you to everyone who supported the events.  Still awaiting two more quotes for the electrical work at the Pavillion.

Site meeting to discuss the fencing of the Recreation Field on Sunday 2nd March 2014 at 9.30am on the field.

f) Thursby School- interviews for Head Teacher still ongoing.

g) Broadband in Cumbria-a D Slam unit is currently being installed in Thursby so the June 2014 connection is looking hopeful.

.h) Neighbourhood Forum-The next meeting will be on the 26th February 2014 at Thursby Parish Hall at 7pm.


159/2/14 Payment of Accounts Resolved – the following payments were approved:

a) Clerks Salary- £315.30

b) HMRC- £78.60

c) Vodafone- £10.15

d) A McCallum: training of the clerk- £60.00

e) JRB Enterprises: Waste bags (double order)- £117.42

f) Cumberland News (Clerk advert)- £114.12


160/2/14 Financial Statement

The Balance as at 18th February 2014 is as follows-

Cumberland 90 day account – £11,060.22   Cumberland Current Account- £1305.15



a) App No 2/2013/0227 – Carwath Farm wind energy Ltd – Amendment- Pending.

b) App No 2/2013/0892-Demolition of derelict building and erection of offices and workshop-Pending .

c) App No 2/2014/001- first floor extension above existing garage to create ensuite- Pending.

d) App No 2/2014/0028- Double garage extension. West Park Farm, Crofton, Thursby –Pending.




162/2/14 Ongoing Matters   

a) Parish Councillor Vacancies- Maggie Howard has applied to join the Parish Council. Resolved:  Cllr Bowe to contact Mrs Howard with regards to her Declaration of Acceptance of Office and to complete a Pecuniary and other Registerable Interests form.


b) Jubilee field- Refer to point 158 b).


c) Dog Ban/dogs on lead- nothing to report.


d) Street lights –Concern over the pole mounted lights, also two lights removed from the Curthwaite Road this would pose a problem for a 30 mile an hour speed limit to be enforced.


e) Village Green- Clerk spoke to Highways due to the flooding down West of the County our village green has not been on the priority list to fix the drain and kerb.  The Parish Council would like to know what the residents would like to see on the village green to prevent further erosion of the green, ideas and suggestions please for the next meeting. 


f) Buses- nothing to report


g) Home Housing – Clerk to respond to the map that was sent requesting more detail on the boundary as to the ownership of the hedgerow at The Park.


163/2/14-Planning Advisory Service- Nomination for a councillor, Cllr Bowe to attend meeting on the 26th February 2014.


164/2/14 Clerks  Vacancy – three applicants to attend an interview on Thursday with the Councillors.

165/2/14 Risk Assessment-  Reviewed new risk assessment for the Parish Council, Clerk to obtain correct definition of High, medium and low risk.

166/2/14 North Allerdale Petition

No Faith in Allerdale Borough Council- a website has been set up for the public to comment on with regards to ABC spending :


167/2/14 The Throstle-Contact email and telephone number for the Parish Council to remain the same for 2014/15.


168/2/14 Items for Next Agenda- Forwarded to the clerk by the 10th March 2014.


169/2/14 Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 18 March 2014 in Thursby Parish Hall.


Signed………………………………………………..on behalf of the Parish Council.

Meeting closed 9.55pm