January 21st

Minutes of Thursby Parish Council Meeting
held in Thursby Parish Hall on Tuesday 21st January2014 at 7.30pm.
Thurs min 109 Draft minutes to be ratified at February 2014 Parish Council Meeting
Members present: Cllr P Hunter, Cllr W.Bowe, Cllr Ken Peerless
Cumbria County Council: Cllr Fairbairn.
Allerdale Borough Council: Cllr MacDonald
Hall Committee – Peg Eastwood.
Parish Clerk: Miss Joanne Charlton.
130/1/14- Chairman Cllr W Bowe welcomed everyone to this evening’s meeting.

131/1/14- Apologies -none
132/1/14- Minutes Resolved: that the Chair sign as a correct record minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 17 December 2013 with amendment that Cumbria County Council needed to save 24 million not 24.5 million.

133/1/14- Chairman’s Announcements
-Cumbria Youth Alliance Training- new subsidised training opportunities for young people and organisations for just £30.00-
20th March 2014- ‘ Brilliant Bid Writing’ at Penrith, improve your bid writing and gain an edge on the competition, discover how to research trusts, overcome barriers, plan for future trends and write brilliant proposals for funding.
27th March 2014- ‘Cutting Edge Marketing on a cut price budget’ at Wigton, sell your organisation, focus on marketing outcomes, produce brilliant promotional material and powerful copy and pull it all together into a winning strategy.
Book online at Cumbria Youth Alliance.

-“Words by the Water Festival of Words and Ideas” 7th-16th March 2014, Theatre by the Lake, Keswick, Words by the Water Festival are offering free tickets for young people aged between 17-25.Tickets available on a first come first served basis. More details and to book Tel 01803867373 or email charlie@wayswithwords.co.uk.

-National Association of Local Councils would like nominations for attendance at the Royal Garden Party on 21st May 2014, closing date for nominations is 31st January 2014.

-Great British fish and Chip Supper- Friday 16th May 2014, want to eat fish and chips and raise money for Spinal Injuries Association then this is a great opportunity to get your friends together. For more information or request a fundraising pack call Elizabeth Wright on 08450714350 or email fundraising@siafishandchips.co.uk or visit www.siafishandchips.co.uk.

The Neighbourhood Care Independence Programme, funded by Cumbria County Council, provides a range of practical help and advice for people 18 years and over who need extra support from time to time to remain independent. Support for people who return home from a spell in hospital is a key part of the programme.
Action with communities in Cumbria, contact us on Tel 01768 840827, visit our website: www.cumbriaaction.org.uk, or follow us on Twitter @ACTion.

Solway Tourism Development Event 12th March 2014, 12.15pm-3pm at Culterham Village Hall, Mawbray. This free event is aimed at anyone who is involved with a local business or community initiative who wants to engage in bringing more visitors to the area. The event will provide plenty of opportunities to network over a locally sourced lunch produced by local chef, John Crouch. To book contact dani Hudson at ACT Tel 01768 840827 or email danihudson@cumbriaaction.org.uk.

-Parish Council Clerk Joanne Charlton has resigned due to personal commitments, adverts have been placed in the local paper and on the CALC website and the Parish notice boards, closing date for applications is 3rd February 2014, applications can be made by email to thursbypc@gmail.com or by post to Miss J Charlton, Blackbrow Farm, Aikton, Wigton,CA70JT.

134/1/14 Public Participation- none.

135/1/13 Requests for Dispensations – no requests.

136/1/13 Declaration of Interests
Cllr Peerless- item 8g Donations Cllr Peerless is the Treasurer for The Throstle item 10.4 neighbour.
Cllr Bowe-item 7e as a Committee member of the Sport & Rec Committee.

137/1/14 Reports
a) Cumbria Constabulary
Nine incidents to report from 19th November 2013 to 21st January 2014
23.11.13- male arrested for being over the drink drive limit.
26.11.13-wagon parked for more than 2 hours caller advised to telephone the Council.
29.11.12- car driving erratically on the A595.
3.12.13- male arrested for being over the drink drive limit.
6.12.13- male driving erratically on the A595, vehicle was stopped and provided negative breath test.
6.12.13- collision of two vehicles on the A595, one person taken to hospital with chest pains.
7.12.13 – report of a possible drink driver, negative breath test.
10.12.13- Report of flooding, Highways informed.
23.12.13- collision involving three vehicles at Thursby roundabout, no injuries.

For more information you can log on to www.twitter.com/cumbriapolice or www.twitter.com/Al_rural_police.

b) Thursby Parish Hall- nothing to report
c) Cumbria County Council– Cllr Fairbairn.
The Inland Drainage Board will be turning off four pumps in the area in 2015. Anyone who owns land beside a river will be subject to the Inland Drainage Board Tax. All owners should have already been notified of this.

Budget Consultation ended on the 20th January 2014 it is now being collated and analysed to help inform Councillors when they agree a budget for 2014/15 at Full Council on the 13th February 2014.

d) Allerdale Borough Council
-New bus time tables were placed on all Parish notice boards. Consultation ended on the 20th January 2014 with regards to the proposal to stop subsidising rural bus services.

-Dog Wardens have now been renamed “Street Scene Officers” and also deal with waste disposal, Gary Banks our area officer has visited Thursby and will continue to visit as often as possible at different times, you can also report “Spot the Grot” to Gary or allerdale.gov.uk/report or use the App.
– Street lights are being removed in areas, Allerdale are investigating into the legality on the removing of the lights, we should hopefully have more information for the next meeting.
– Councillors voted against a 1% pay rise at the full Council meeting.

e) Sports and Recreation
At the recent meeting the Committee was joined by some new members. Secured funding is now at £72,000 but further funding is still required. Questionnaires should be returned to Richard Johnston. The Committee are holding a Race Night at The Ship on 15th February 2014 to raise funds for the Recreation field project. Every one Welcome.
Maintenance of the hedge, Pavilion and fencing also needs to be addressed.
f) Thursby School
Interviews for a new Head Teacher will take place in the next few days.

g) Broadband in Cumbria- Super fast Broadband is hopefully set to be here in June 2014 from the Dalston exchange. Residents will have to change their current contract to obtain “superfast” broadband.
h) Neighbourhood Forum-The next meeting will be on the 26th February 2014 at Thursby Parish Hall at 7pm.

138/1/14 Payment of Accounts Resolved – the following payments were approved:
a) Clerks Salary- £315.30
b) HMRC- £78.60
c) Vodafone- £10.15
d) Sports & Recreation Committee-£495.00
e) Thursby PCC- £375.00
f) Crofton Social Centre- £187.00
g) The Throstle- £412.00
h) Thursby First Responders-£187.00
i) Cumbria Rape Crisis- £50.00
j) Solway Red Squirrels- £50.00
k) Transfer of £8000.00 from current account into the 90 day account.
l) Allerdale Borough Council playground inspection- £67.20

139/1/14 Financial Statement
The Balance as at 21st January 2014 is as follows-
Cumberland 90 day account – £11,060.22 Cumberland Current Account- £2,000.74
a) App No 2/2013/0227 – Carwath Farm wind energy Ltd – Amendment- Pending.
b) App No 2/2013/0802- Proposed two storey extension to the side of the house –Approved.
c) App No 2/2013/0892-Demolition of derelict building and erection of offices and workshop-Resolved: no objection.
d) App No 2/2014/001- first floor extension above existing garage to create ensuite- Resolved: no objection

141/1/14 Ongoing Matters
a) Parish Councillor Vacancies- Representation needed from the surrounding areas such as Crofton and Nealhouse.
b) Jubilee field-Reviewed Playground inspection report, minor issues to be addressed by the Sports and Recreation Committee.
c) Dog ban/dogs on lead- Thursby School have withdrawn their application for the school playing field.
d) Street lights –refer item 137/1/14 d.
e) Village Green- Clerk to follow up with Highways as to when the Green will be completed. Clerk to inform Envirocare maintenance that we expect the grass cut every 10 days with a cylinder mower, if they are unable to do so then they must cut and collect at Envirocares cost.
f) Buses- notice to be placed in the Throstle asking all bus users to check the bus timetable as changes have been made and some buses (300) bypass the village.
g) Home Housing – no response received Clerk to follow up.

Cllr Fairbairn and Cllr MacDonald left the meeting at 8.45pm.

142/1/14 Noticeboard- Resolved: to sell to Kirkbampton Parish Council a spare noticeboard for the sum of £30.00.
143/1/14 Nominations- Resolved: to nominate our Chair Councillor Bowe to be placed in the ballot to attend the Queen’s Garden Party in May 2014.
144/1/14 Clerks Vacancy- Advert placed in the Cumberland News (Cllr Hunter to be reimbursed cost of the advert in Februarys meeting). Several enquiries two applicants to date, an extra meeting to take place on 4th February to discuss applicants at 7.30pm.
145/1/14 Councillor Course- Resolved: no attendees.

146/1/14 Flood Prevention Bags- Residents have requested, Clerk to contact Environment Agency on obtaining some for the village.

147/1/14 Budget- Resolved: Precept set for 2014/15 takes into consideration the Council Tax Reduction Scheme for Thursby which is £1,059.00.

148/1/14 Code of Conduct- Resolved: Code of Conduct adopted.

149/1/14 Items for Next Agenda- Forwarded to the clerk by the 10th February 2014.

150/1/14 Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 18 February 2014 in Thursby Parish Hall.

Signed………………………………………………..on behalf of the Parish council.
Meeting closed 9.15pm

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