Minutes of Thursby Parish Council Meeting

held in Thursby Parish Hall on Tuesday 17th Dec 2013 at 7.30pm.

Thurs min 10   Draft minutes to be ratified at the January 2014 Parish Council Meeting

Members present: Cllr P Hunter, Cllr W.Bowe, Cllr Ken Peerless, Cllr D Pattinson

Cumbria County Council: Cllr D Fairbairn.

Allerdale Borough Council: Cllr P MacDonald

Hall Committee – Peg Eastwood.

Members of the Public -1

Parish Clerk: Miss Joanne Charlton.


106/12/13– Chairman Cllr W Bowe welcomed everyone to this evening’s meeting.


107/12/13- Apologies  

108/12/13- Minutes Resolved: that the Chair sign as a correct record minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 19th November 2013.  


109/12/13- Chairman’s Announcements

-Cumbria County Council have to save 24.5 million next year. One proposal is to stop subsidising bus services. This would mean virtually all rural bus services and some town and inter-town services would no longer operate. Details of all threatened routes are at then scroll down to 24 to view details and the list of services affected. There are paper copies at most libraries. TO PROTECT YOUR BUS SERVICE PLEASE DO RESPOND TO THE CONSULTATION BEFORE JANUARY 20TH 2014 AND CONTACT YOUR COUNTY COUNCILLOR WITH YOUR CONCERNS.

To join West Cumbria Bus Users Group phone 07561 360 615.


-Incorrect email address for the MRWS consultation responses, DECC  have now acknowledged this and has extended the deadline to the 20th Dec 2013. Correct email address is DECC’s web page is


-A “Meet and Greet” event has been arranged at Lillyhall Depot, Workington starting at 9.30am on 19th December2013. It is an opportunity to meet the team members of the various work teams that provide the Highways service in the West area. Anyone wishing to attend contact Carol on 01946 506586 or


110/12/13 Public Participation

Item 12c-Dog ban/dogs on lead.  Parishioner  stressed concerns that the dog fouling is worse than ever in the village and what is the Parish Council doing about it to eliminate the problem. The Clerk had spoken to Allerdale Borough Council who had received our payment for the dog control order but nothing further had been completed. The PC requested that the Clerk request the dog warden to visit Thursby early morning and to obtain a report as to when the warden has visited the village.  Also to request a report of the number of fines imposed on dog owners who don’t clean up after them in the area.



111/12/13) Requests for Dispensationsnone received.


112/12/13) Financial Report to approve the financial report, this item moved to after the Payment of accounts on the agenda.

113/12/13) Ground Maintenance- Envirocare had submitted a new quote for grass collection on the village green of £10 per cut and to collect grass on the green,triangle,and noticeboard area that it would be £20 per cut.

RESOLVED- Parish Council felt that if Envirocare completed the 28 cuts that they were contracted for there would be no need for the grass to be collected and not proceed with the quote. Clerk to write to Envirocare to clarify this matter.


114/12/13) Declaration of Interests

Cllr Peerless- item 22 Donations Cllr Peerless is the Treasurer for The Throstle.

Cllr Bowe-item 9e  as a Committee member of the Sport & Rec Committee.

Cllr Hunter-12c as a dog owner.


115/12/13) Reports

a) Cumbria Constabulary

4 incidents on the A595 due to high winds all incidents dealt with by Highways.

7 incidents with relation to traffic offences, 2 with regards to drink driving.

2 vehicle accidents no casualties only damage to vehicles.


For more information you can log on to or


b) Thursby Parish Hall-Damage to a window during the high winds but this has now been fixed.

c) Cumbria County Council – Cllr Fairbairn.

-80 million has to be cut from the budget Cumbria County Council  need to put forward our options on how we can save money at a meeting in February.

– Every town and village are struggling with the problem of dog fouling, write to enquire about the performance of the dog warden.

– School Road gulley has been reported twice but still overflows Cllr Fairbairn to follow up.


d) Allerdale Borough Council-.Bus cuts refer to item 109, Cllr MacDonald to forward a list of the new bus times to the clerk but there will still be 24 buses passing through Thursby village every day.

– Steet lighting is required to enforce speed limits in the village, under Section 82 for a restricted road. Clerk to report removed light from Silver How to School Road. NALC is also dealing with the issue of the removal of street lights at Government Level.


e) Sports and Recreation – Quote received from SJD Electrical for work to be carried out on the Pavilion. PC still awaiting  two more quotes.


f) Thursby School–  Mrs Petch has resigned as head teacher.


g) Broadband in Cumbria-Cllr Bowe had attended a meeting with BT, they have 10,600 homes set up ready for superfast broadband but sadly only 300 households had signed up. It was felt that if we had a date for connection for superfast then households could plan ahead and not tie themselves into long term contracts with other providers.  Solway Communications are also looking into bringing broadband to Thursby but no more information to date.


h) Neighbourhood Forum– nothing to report.


116/12/13) Payment of Accounts Resolved – the following payments were approved:

a) JRB Enterprises, dog bags- £62.46

b) Clerks Salary- £315.30

c) HMRC- £78.60

d) Vodafone- £11.36


117/12/13) Financial Statement

The balance as at 17th December 2013 is as follows:-

Cumberland 90 day account- £3022.44.  Cumberland Current Account- £12,227.99



a) App No 2/2013/0764- Installation of summer house at Greenwood House- Pending

b) App No 2/2013/0776- Proposed installation of stove and flue, Carras, Thursby-Pending.

c) App No 2/2013/0227- Carwath Farm wind energy Ltd- Amendment- PC to lodge an objection.

d) App No 2/2013/0823- Construction of access track to serve wind turbine- Pending.

e) App No 2/2013/0802- Proposed two storey extension to the side of the house. PC to lodge an objection.


Planning appeal-App/G0908/C/12/2185026, Barnclose, Thursby –Refused.


119/12/13) Ongoing Matters            

a) Parish Councillor Vacancy-ongoing.

b) Jubilee field-Refer to item 115/12/13. Clerk to consult with the Sports and Rec Committee to find out when work may commence so that the grass cutting contract can be amended accordingly.

c) Dog Ban/dogs on lead-Refer to item 110/12/13.

d) Street lights- To enforce speed restrictions in the village street lights are required no more than 185 metres apart.

e) Village Green-Cllr Peerless, Clerk, Highways and Stagecoach met to discuss the situation of the condition of the village green.  It was agreed that the cutting of the corners was down to poor driving, Highways will fix the drain and paving early January 2014, Highways was also looking into what could be placed around the corners to prevent further damage and small wooden posts were a possible solution. Another solution was to place a” no waiting” sign near the junction to prevent cars from parking close to the junction but it was felt that there was no-one that could enforce this.

f) Bus Services in Thursby- Clerk to post bus schedule on notice boards.




120/12/13 Budget

It was felt that we should reduce our precept in line with current government cuts, but it was felt that money is still needed to fund ongoing projects that have been delayed i.e. fencing of the Jubilee Field.  Also the complete removal of the concurrent grant for 2014/15 needed to be addressed.

RESOLVED-3 Votes to keep the same Precept, 1 vote to reduce.


121/12/13 Ownership of hedge and railings- The Clerk has written to Home Housing to ask for clarification as to the ownership of the hedge and railings at The Park, Thursby, no response received.

122/12/13 Recreation Field- clerk to forward initial form to Fields in Trust for Jubilee field to become a protected field.

123/12/13Budget Consultation Questionnaire- Feedback required before 20th January2014 by completing a form online or printing a form and posting to

FREEPOST NWW6059A,Our Area/Our Future, Cumbria County  Council, The Courts,Carlisle,CA3 8NA. Or Telephone  01228 226601.

124/12/13 Code of Conduct– issued to all Councillors and to be placed on next agenda.

125/12/13 Asset Register-Clerk issued incomplete register requesting more information on items on the register. Councillors to return to the Clerk in the next two weeks.

126/12/13 Freedom of Information– Clerk to define what is required for our website and to  place the Act on The Thursbyonline website.

127/12/13 Allerdale Local Plan-Consultation closes on the 13th January 2014, An extra meeting required for the 7th January 2014 to discuss at Thursby Village Hall at 7.30pm. This meeting is open to the General Public and the Council would appreciate everyone’s ideas.

128/12/13 Training-Clerk to be booked on the finance course ran by CALC in February.

129/12/13 Donations-Donations to be approved on next Agenda for –

Sports & Recreation Committee-£495

Thursby PCC- £375

Crofton Social Centre- £187

The Throstle- £412

Thursby First Responders-£187

RESOLVED-Unanimous vote to keep the donation amounts  the same as last year but adding Cumbria Rape Crisis- £50 and Solway Red Squirrels- £50

130/12/13 Transfer of money to 90 Account-

RESOLVED- £8000 to be transferred to 90 day Account.


131/12/13) Items for Next Agenda-forwarded to the clerk by the 14th January 2014.



132/12/13) Date of Next Meeting Tuesday 21 January 2014 in Thursby Parish Hall.


Signed………………………………………………..on behalf of the Parish council.

Meeting closed 10.50pm