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  1. 29.03.2013
    An email to the Thursby Parish Council
    Dear Council,
    I just read, in the current issue Throstle, that you are planning to implement a “dog on lead” order for the parish in June 2013. I can only state that I am dismayed, astonished and disgusted by that level of ignorance.
    Triggered by an obsession with dog faeces it seems that some council members and parishioners have developed a pathological hatred against dogs and their owners. As a result dog owners, including my wife and I, have been subjected to threats and intimidation by various “upright” citizens, self declared “keepers of order”, who don’t even understand the difference between fouling (meaning the dropping of faeces) and urinating – and act not covered by anti fouling legislation.
    The next master stroke now is this discriminatory “dog on lead” initiative. Could anybody please explain what is to be gained by this? I am not aware of vicious dog attacks in the parish and I can certainly not see how such a move would encourage the usual and often known offenders who do not pick up after their dog to do so.
    Indeed, looking at dog behaviour, the likelihood is that dogs never off lead are under exercised and aggressive, thus increasing the risks of attacks. Such a measure would certainly not stop the anti social illegally lamping elements throwing their dog over the wall into the field opposite the entrance to Stonehouse Park to chase a cat or a fox, neither would it encourage them to pick up after their dog.
    In summary you penalise the responsible owner whilst putting their dog at risk to suffer with depression, penned up energy and increasing aggression.
    I can only urge the council to reconsider this ridiculous proposal.
    Yours faithfully

    • Thank you for your comments and sorry it has taken so long to reply.

      We have applied for a dog control order purely for the lane leading to the recreation field and the playing field itself. We would like a dog control order placed on the playing field so people that use the field for football, tennis, rounder’s, cricket etc are not having to avoid dog faeces, because this poses as a public health risk.

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